Linux for ICOP Mity SoC 4 (6019)

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I`ll get ICOP`s Mity SoC 4 (probablly known as

ICOP recommends X-Linux embedded distribution
for my board. Do you have any experience with this

I`m thinking about EtLinux -- has anybody installed
EtLinux on ICOP`s Mity SoC 4?

Can you recommend any different embedded linux
distribution for my board?

Thanks for your replays,

Re: Linux for ICOP Mity SoC 4 (6019)
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I am planning to use MitySOC and 6015 and I'm interested and involved into
this port too.
I never heard about 6019.
Please feel free to conatct me privately (remove nospam) if you like.


Re: Linux for ICOP Mity SoC 4 (6019)

I wrote e-mail to you, but I`m not sure
I correctly removed antispam characters
from your address.
So, please send my blank e-mail at
I`ve tested XLinux for a few days and
have some experience.


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