Linux Boot on MPC8260


I'm using a EP8260 Embedded PLANET board with pre-installed PlanetCore boot loader. I don't have the possibility of use the u-boot because i don't have a tool for write the flash. For the cross-compiler I have installed the ELDK tools. In the ELDK distribution i find the linux-2.6.15 and I use it for build the zImage.elf In the menuconfig i have selected the RPXSUPER platform. After the compilation, using the tftp a do this: Enter server IP address : Enter server filename : zImage.elf Enter (B)inary or (S)record input mode : B Enter address offset: : 400000 Enter start address : : 400000 ..... ....

go 410000 (10000 for skip the elf header)

.. and I dont see nothing !!!!

any suggestion ?

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