XLinux and ICOP`s Mity Soc.

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I have ICOP`s Mity-Soc Development Kit and
Mity-Soc 4 module (DM&P ALI M6117D A1).
I tried to install XLinux (www.dmp.com.tw) on
Western Digital hard disk drive.
Firstly, I mounted that hdd as the slave and
used following command from my Redhat 9:

dd if=XLinux41.dd of=/dev/hdb count16%000 bs10%24

After that, I remounted my hdd as the master and turned on
my computer. Everything was OK - XLinux R41 started
and I could log in.
But, when I mounted that hdd on my Mity-Soc Development
board nothing happened. Hdd scratched for a moment, LCD
showed a few digits and finaly LCD showed "00". Nothing
else happened.


I tried to install XLinuxR3 with

dd if=XLinuxR3.dd of=/dev/hdb count15%944 bs10%24

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