Help selecting a single board computer.

I want to learn embedded linux. I have a limited budget (around 100 bucks) so I cant risk buying a single board computer then find out later that it isnt supported by an embedded linux distribution.

My goals are to gain experience with...

- embedding linux

- ARM processor

- TCP/IP programming.

- device driver development

I dont want a turn key solution but at the same time I dont want to pull my hair out. It would be great if I could start with a bare bones kernel from

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that has support for the board I purchase but how do I figure this out? How do I determine if board X is supported by linux distribution Y?

I would like to work with a hardware platform that is well supported so that when I try to build the embedded software from scratch I can get my questions answered easily.

I have a spare PC that I can use as a linux development station to do cross compiling on but there are so many choices for the development environment and linux distribution that I need some help in making a decent choice here as well.

Can any recommend some hardware that meets my goals and also tell me how to pick a linux distribution for the single board computer as well as a linux distribution for the development PC?

Thanks so much AL

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Not sure if you'll make it with just $100 but these seem to be getting fairly close to what you want:

- a Fox board:

formatting link

- Technologic Systems's ts-7400

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- Glomation Inc.'s GESBC-9302

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Judging from their websites, linux support looks good. I'm currently playing with a ts-7400 and it's a great board, great linux support.

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Hey, you could always get a GP2X...those are kind of fun. They lack an ethernet device, but you can still do TCP/IP through loop back or over serial.


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Benjamin Kwiecien

If you do not need graphics/video hardware, a Linksys "SLUG" (NSLU2) could be a good starting point. See:

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Roberto Waltman

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Roberto Waltman

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