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I am looking for your advice and suggestions. I have recently started on a
project for an embedded system. The single board computer (SBC) I am using
is Intel compatible so the applications I create on a my Linux box will run
on both computers. Indeed I have come so far that I have an application
where I can communicate by UDP or TCP with a host computer. I have written
all this in Borland Kylix C, which is very handy for me since I normally use
Delphi on Windows. Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix Delphi, Kylix C and
Kylix C++ all have the same VERY nice IDE and furthermore it can cross
compile between Windows and Linux.

So far so good. However, It seems like Borland has only thought of Kylix for
writing desktop applications, so it cannot do remote debugging on my SBC,
and this makes it rather awkward to use for embedded computers since I have
special hardware attached. That's the whole point.

There doesn't seem to be any help underway, so I probably have to make the
unpleasant decision and pick something else. I have had a brief look at the
KDevelop and it looks rather nice. Is it a good choice and, most
importantly, will it allow me to do the remote debugging? Other suggestions?



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