Sr. Embedded Linux Developer for a Fortune 200

I'm actively recruiting for a Sr. Embedded Linux Developer for a Fortune 20=

0=20 company located in Irvine, Ca for an 18 month contract opportunity. My=20 client is involved in Medical diagnostics devices (DNA). I wanted to=20 network with you to see if you have any associates or friends seeking=20 a contract opportunity that would be interested? Thanks in advance for=20 your time and consideration!=20

Experienced embedded Linux developer with a background in real time=20 systems. Familiarity with the RT Linux patch and MontaVista desirable.=20

Experience in the following areas:=20 Device control, robotics, industrial controls=20 Lab Automation=20 PID controllers=20 Intel multicore=20 PCI bus=20 Fault mode analysis=20 hardware design association new board bring up=20

Network protocols including TCP/IP and HL7=20

Experience developing software in an FDA regulated environment=20 preferred.=20

Take care=20

Jim Nichols=20 Nichols & Associates=20 (949) 481-8858=20 (562) 439-4000=20

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"The right people, right away"=20

At Nichols & Associates, our goal is to be recognized as a preferred=20 supplier of employment-related services. To have our employees=20 inspired and proud of their work. To exceed our customers=92=20 expectations. To have the respect of our competitors and to be=20 appreciated by our community.

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How about a full time job? Who gets full ltime?


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