Full time for Embedded linux consultant


We do have full time position for embedded linux in NJ

=B7 Preferably 10+ years of experience =B7 Bachelors in Electrical engineering =B7 Strong Embedded / Linux 4 SAM ( flavors ) Experience =B7 Good experience in ATMEL microcontroller / AT91 SAM92xx processor (any of the series is also acceptable ) =B7 Should have worked extensively with different BSPs ( Board Support Packages) =B7 Extensive knowledge of X86, PowerPC, ARM, 68K Cores =B7 Extensive experience in VxWorks =B7 Should have worked on CODE WARRIOR, DSP, J Tag =B7 Should have built embedded kernel

Regards, Raji snipped-for-privacy@marlabs.com

732 397 8246
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