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I'm trying to get a handle on the current SOC/SBC options, but the
marketplace is pretty vast and bewildering these days.  I'm hoping I
can get a few quick recommendations of your favorites.  My
requirements are pretty straightforward:

1) Cheap, cheap, CHEAP.  I don't have a hard price limit, but the
   cheaper the better.

2) Runs either full Linux or uClinux, or anything else open-source.

3) Enough Flash storage to hold the OS and about 8kB application code.
   It would be nice to be able to update the code in the field, so I'd
   rather not run the OS from ROM, but I'm flexible on that.

4) Integrated 10Mbps Ethernet and enough horsepower/RAM to run a
   TCP/IP stack.  If the RJ-45 jack is built-in, I'd prefer that it
   have Power over Ethernet capability.

5) On-board/on-chip ADC (10-bit, 4-channel, low (~8Hz) sample rate),
   or else the ability to easily interface to an external ADC (via SPI
   or I2C, for example)

6) At least 4 digital outputs to control some relays.  (I can add a
   driver to handle the current draw, so long as the digital outputs
   are there.)

Any ideas?  I've seen the gumstix, but they're too expensive.
NetSilicon ( /) has their "Embedded Device
Servers", which look very good, but it seems that you have to pay for
a commercial development environment, even if you chose the
third-party Linux option.  Anybody know more about this?  Anybody want
to offer other recommendations?


Randall Nortman

Re: SOC/SBC Recommendations
On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 16:16:51 -0300, Randall Nortman  

you could possibly get everything you want on a tern board, they're not  
much cheaper than gumstix, but enough so to make it worth a look.

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