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I want to create a user module that will act as a master on an opb bus. I am using xilinx Platform Studio, version 7.1i. Now before you say it, I have read the

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guide on using the create/import wizard for xps. I have read it, and seen the skeleton, but have not been successful with a master bus. I have created a custom slave module, and succeeded... Has anyone done this? I just want some sample code that does anything as a master on an opb bus. In case it is not clear why this would be a good thing, there are many edk tools that will only work over an opb bus- but in many fpga designs, you don't really need a processor, just custom code. All I want is the edk uartlite over a opb bus, but I have to be the opb master to do it.

thank you, ~arin

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I have not had much luck with the Xilinx tools for creating peripherals. I would just read

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$file/OpbBus.pdf (search for opbbus.pdf on
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and write it by hand. Of course, if all you need is a uart there is plenty of source.

Alan Nishioka

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I'm the guy that usually says to use the wizard but its not appropriate for your case. Directly implementing an opb master is quite straightforward--plb is more complicated. The CoreConnect OPB Bus specification will give you all the signals, but OPB has a pretty simple request-grant scheme.

A colleague created a master in HDL to interface with the opb_ddr controller. It was only a couple of lines of code.


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Paul Hartke

Hi , Do u have Xilinx EDK 6.2 tools, in case u have them then , if u go to /hw/XilinxReferenceDesigns/pcores/opb_core_msp0_v1_00_b/ , thats nothing but a OPB Bus Master design with Write capability. The only catch is that it uses a very old version of IPIF. If you are ok with that then you can go ahead and use it. In case u dont have EDK 6.2 , then just send me an e-mail and I can tar the file and send it to you ..

-- Parag Beeraka

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