opb ip master/slave...arbiter problems

Hello all,

I want to create an IP master on the OPB. I am using Xilinx Virtex2 (xc2v2000), and Xilinx platform studio (EDK) version 7.1.02i on the Xilinx Multimedia Board. I have tried looking everywhere for my answer and after a week of time-well-experienced I decided to ask the experts.

I have a MicroBlaze (MB) as a master, an RS232 (UART) as a slave, LEDs (GPIO) as a slave, and memory as slave. I wanted to add my own IP master on the OPB. I created the IP using the "Create/Import Peripheral" wizard. I have tested my IP (simulation) and it works fine. Once I attach it to the bus, my IP doesn't seem to be executing anything. So I used ChipScope Pro 7.1i (Which is an amazing tool to analyze in-board signals) to tap into my request and acknowledge signals. What I noticed is that my IP doesn't seem to ever get an acknowledge. It Requested a read but never gets an acknowledge. So I realized, since there are more than one master on the bus I have to add an OPB arbiter. I added the OPB arbiter, but now I only get 16 characters on my RS232 output and no more LEDs flashing and if I tap into my IP signals I still see that my request has not been acknowledged.

Can some please give me any direction? Thank you very much in advance.

A side question, I noticed that the arbiter needs a device block ID (C_DEV_BLK_ID) parameter from every master on the OPB to identify them respectively. Where is this device block ID parameter for the MB and what other parameters do I have to set on the arbiter and custom IP.

Peace, Moh

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Does anyone know of another forum or website where I can get an answer to my question?

Thanks. Peace, Moh

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Mohammed Elbadri

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