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Hi all, Doeas anyone know if the Xilinx PCI-X core includes pinout constraints, so it is determined which PCI-X signal is connected to which pin of a certain package (e.g. FF1517) ? I don't have the core documentation yet and until now I have arranged the pinout according to the connector-signal arrangement in order to minimize trace lengths. Thank you for answers. Matthias

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In includes some example UCF files for different device/package combinations that are known to meet timing when you implement them. The latest build includes files for 2vp7ff672, 2v1000-fg456, and v300ebg432 devices.

You don't have to use these. I am working into a 2v500-fg456 and have no problem meeting timing. I chose my pinout to line up nicely with the PCI card edge fingers and minimize board track length and crossovers. I did create an AREA_GROUP constraint for the XPCI_WRAP module in my design. It seems to meet timing more easily if it has a smaller area to P&R in.


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