Newbie: add opb_ddr to a project

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I'm a total newbie to fpga configuration and EDK and so. At present I'm
trying to add some cores to projects created from scratch with the base
system builder, but I find it hard to succeed in doing it.

I'd like my hardware to support DDR as the card I'm working on (Avnet
XC4VLX25) has a ddr memory block. Actually my problem is concerning the
"port" tab in the "add/edit cores" dialog: how can I know which ports I
have to connect, and where should I connect them? Could anyone tell me
where I am supposed to find this information?



Re: Newbie: add opb_ddr to a project
Quoted text here. Click to load it
For every core there's a PDF with documentation explaining all the ports
and parameters. If you double-click on the core in the schematic,
there's a "doc"-button that opens the PDF. Or you can go to
$EDK/hw/something, there's a folder for every core with a subfolder
"doc", containing the PDF.


Re: Newbie: add opb_ddr to a project
Thanks a lot.

Is it also possible to know which ports are optional? I couldn't find
any information about that in the pdf file.

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