How to do profiling on hardware target on Microblaze

Hello There! We need to profile our software program that runs on the MicroBlaze SCP. We referred to the Platform Studio user guide. It says so:

"The following steps illustrate profiling on a MicroBlaze program. The system has BRAM and External Memory. The system has an opb_timer, and the Interrupt signal is directly connected to MicroBlaze External Interrupt signal. The opb_timer is used as the profile timer on MicroBlaze."

I think the addtion of opb_timer can be done froom the "Add/Edit cores" dialog (correct me if i'm wrong). But how do i "directly connect" the interrupt signal to MicroBlaze External Interrupt signal?


- DN.

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If you are already using interrupts on the Microblaze, it would be better to connect the timer interrupt to the opb_intc core along with the other interrupt sources ... see what happens to them for an example.

If it's your only interrupt, you can connect it in the "Ports" tab of "add/edit cores"; use the same signal name for the opb_timer interrupt port, and the Microblaze interrupt input port. Or you can edit the "MHS" file by hand to do the same thing. (Watch what the "Add/Edit Cores" does to the .mhs file, to see how it is done)

- Brian

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

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