How to add customer peripheral with IP core to EDK?

Hi All,

I am trying to add a customized OPB peripheral to the Microblaze system in EDK/Platform Studio 8.1. My peripheral uses a FFT core generated from Core Generator so it only comes with ngc netlist.

I instantiate the core in the user_logic.v. And I was able to synthesize the peripheral using generated ISE project file by adding the IP source file (core wizard) to the project. But when I add peripheral to the system and generate the netlist, the XST tool always complains: ERROR:HDLCompilers:87 - "D:\TechDrive\Project\Xilinx\AEC \pcores\coproc_v1_00_a/hdl/verilog/user_logic.v" line 536 Could not find module/primitive 'fft'

I did quite a bit search in the help,manual of EDK document,Core Generator, XPS help but I could not find any help for such case. Luckly I was able to find some help from this forum. One of them suggests to add a bbd file and change mpd file in the core's resposiories data folder. I tried exactly same step but it does not work for me. I also tried to import the the peripheral to design through both XST prj file and PAO file but neither of them helps.

After spending two nights on this "intergration" issue without any luck, I am pretty upset about the Xilinx tool chain especially the document part! I thought this is very typical case(EDK->Peripheral-

LogiCore) and there should be some sort of help easy for acess for

newbie. Maybe I am too blind to find it. But if somebody can point me out where the document is or workaround it through some tricky way, I'll greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot! William

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Can you please try copying the fft.ngc file produced by the core generator into the implementation sub-directory of your EDK project directory and regenerate the netlist ?


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