Ethernet MAC wrapper & ML403

Hello all,

I am quite confused about the Ethernet MAC wrapper IP core. In the documentation is written (if I understand correctly) that I have to provide clk_gtx_clk, clk_phy_tx_clk0, clk_phy_rx_clk0, all are 125 MHz clocks when I am using only EMAC0 and 1Gbps operation. But inside the vhdl files I found hostclk and refclk and information that hostclk must always be connected and refclk (200 MHz).

So the question is what clocks I really have to connect when I would like to operate at 1 Gbps and only EMAC0 and do I have to introduce some DCM to make that IP running on Xilinx ML403 board?

Regards, Bartek

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