Xlinix ML403 evaluation board

Hello all,

First of all I have to say that I'm completely new with the FPGAs.

I have just received Xlinx ML403 and I have some problems/questions:

  1. When I tried to use demos which requires NIC on the PC side I could use e.g. Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT NIC and everything is OK but when I connect to NVIDIA nForce built-in (ASUS A8N-E motherboard) NIC connection is established, no packets are received (TX diode shows that board is transmitting). On the other hand the NIC itself is OK when working with other NICs/switches. What do you think the problems is rather connected with the NIC or with the board?

  1. I have download Ethernet Cores Hardware Demonstration Platform (xapp443) and when I use it with hard MAC I could not send frames bigger than 4000 bytes, the other issue is that the maximum speed I got using

1500 bytes frames and the speed is 840 Mbps (payload). I think should be better (close to 1 Gbps) and for the bigger frames faster not slower. How to send 9k (or if not possible 4k) frames with 1 Gbps speed.

  1. Where I can find description how to prepare my own boot menu for bitstreams on CF card for the System ACE.

Best regards, Bartek

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you are using a crosslink cable? some NICs have some auto-swap-input-pins feature ... maybe your intel has - try to run the connection over a switch where you can see the link status of both sides

bye, Michael

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Michael Schöberl

Yes I'm using crossover cable.


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