Home Gateway - Which Enbedded Linux?

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I want to build a basic home gateway using some sort of small Linux.

My platform:
- AMD K62-400
 - 64 MB RAM
 - 32 MB DOM
 - 2 Realtek 8039 NICs

 - Basic Gateway (NAT)
 - DHCP server
 - Pass IPSec traffic
 - DynDNS support
 - SSH Support (inside & out)
 - Use Kernel 2.4
 - All console output redirected to the serial port.

I have read some docs and looked at a handful of distros today.  I have not
found a nice package that is relatively well documented and does what I want

Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Re: Home Gateway - Which Enbedded Linux?

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[ Snip, intel compatiable hardware, basic SOHO router stuff. ]

Try RouterLinux, works nice here:
http://www.routerlinux.com/about /

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If you go with above distro, read this post:

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Only thing i had to edit (exept for getting serial-console support) was:


Re: Home Gateway - Which Enbedded Linux?
Hello Don,
two years ago I used the fli4l distro as DSL router. It was easy to
configure and was rock stable.
There are very many packages available, the things you want to do should
work instantly.

Compact flash as boot device is supported. Just look at www.fli4l.de
(english version available).


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