Which embedded Linux to choose?

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We plan to start a new project "Network attached storage file server" and we
plan to use IBM 405 PPC processor and the embedded Linux for the project.
Just wondring who has any good or bad opinion and experiences which embedded
Linux Vendors to choose?


Re: Which embedded Linux to choose?
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We had good luck with Montavista Linux (from http://montavista.com ).
It's a bit pricy, but they do a LOT of work supporting embedded
linux and gcc, so they have good people.  However, depending on
the level of Linux expertise at your company, you might
also be able to do well with the free ELDK from http://denx.de
or even the roll-your-own ptxdist from http://ptxdist.sf.net
together with u-boot from http://sourceforge.net/projects/u-boot/
- Dan

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