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I am a student working on a final year project which is a
DeviceNet/Ethernet gateway. I am using a Mitsubishi M-16C
micro-controller. A previous student has interfaced a Ethernet NIC
card to the micro which i am using. I am using the MCP2510 CAN
controller for the interface to the DeviceNet Network. Currently i can
talk to the CAN controller from the micro. Next step is to get the
micro recognised on the DeviceNet network.

I was wondering if anybody has attempted this before and has any
pointers for me. I am slowly working my way through the DeviceNet
specifications. What are the minimal components of the DeviceNet
specification i should be looking at implementing?

Any suggestions/pointers are much appreciated.

Seymour Washbourn

Re: DeviceNet Gateway
Don't know too much about Devicenet, but make sure that you take a
look at "80059d MCP2510 revAA errata.pdf", the MCP2510 does work Ok
but there are a couple of quirks. (Seymour Washbourn) wrote in message
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Re: DeviceNet Gateway
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Off the top of my head... For starters you'll need to implement the
Network Access State Machine (duplicate MAC ID check).  The
Connection, Message Router, Identity, and DeviceNet objects are
required for any device.  Supporting the explicit message protocol
is probably required for the device you described.

Some things you could put off until later might include I/O messaging,
predefined master/slave connection set, and fragmentation protocols.

There are DeviceNet stacks that can be purchased (see the Developer's
tools category of the DeviceNet Product catalog at
You might also find some useful tips at the Dr. DeviceNet FAQ at the
ODVA site.

 -- Kevin

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