Xilinx RocketIO receiver reset problem

I'm connecting a V2Pro Rocket IO to a Agilent optical interface and am having problems getting the RocketIO receiver to reset properly and generate the correct data. The design originally used a Vitesse serialparallel interface chip and that worked fine. Since we have a spare RocketIO, we'd like to use it instead of the Vitesse chip.

I'm running the link at 1062.5 Gbit/sec, so the reference clock for the RocketIO is 53.125MHz. Because of the optical protocol I'm talking to, I can't use clock correction, so I'm using the RXRECCLK to clock data+K_codes out of the RocketIO.

Since RXRECCLK runs at the bit_rate/20, I'm using a 2 byte wide receiver interface.

The problem I'm seeing is the receiver does not appear to reset and lock to the data source properly. My reset state machine looks for bad K codes and some other problems, and if needed, it generates a long reset signal to the ROcketIO receiver, then waits a while for it to come back to life.

Unfortunately, the RocketIO does not appear to reset correctly. I'll see bad K codes and other garbage. If I disconnect the optical link, then reconnect it, I'll sometimes be able to get reasonable info out of the RocketIO.

To generate the 53.125MHz reference clock, I'm dividing a high quality

106.25MHz reference clock in the FPGA to drive the RocketIO.

Anyone have any hints?


John Providenza

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Of course, 5 minutes after I posted the message I found the answer.

I was never asserting the ENPCOMMAALIGN signal to the RocketIO, so it never really appeared to sync to the incoming data stream.

It now looks OK.

John P

johnp wrote:

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Thanks for posting the answer - so many do not bother. cheers, /MikeJ

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