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Hello folks,

I am using the V5 rocketio to implement a high speed serial IO. I have configured the GTP and it works , but the only problem is that the first 5 words ( comma and data) are corrupted at the receiver. I also ran the example design and it also reflects the same problem. Hence I guess there should be some problem in configuring the GTP tile. I had read the userguide over and over but still no luck .

-- used TX buffer and RX buffer

-- no clock correction used

-- 8B/10B used

-- no PRBS

-- Line rate 2.5gbps

request you help in finding my mistake.

Thanks PC

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Do you send anything at all before your "first 5 words"?

Serial transceivers do require some data in order to synchronize initially (if the link stops completely - no data - neither 1's nor 0's, then the receiver requires some time with data to resynchronize).

Aust> Hello folks,

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Hello Austin,

I first do a gtpreset and wait for the shared pll to lock .This inturn starts the DCM to get txusrclk and txusrclk2. Then I start with my comma words. No I donot send any data initially for sync.

How long before the recclk extracted from RXN/RXP. But why does it not work with the example design ?

Thanks PC

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Page 116,

formatting link

page 14,

formatting link

200uS, max.

Aust> Hello Austin,

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I am investigating the same thing. My GTP is setup to use:

--line rate of 312.5 MHz

--No 8b/10b

--Oversampler is of course used

--RECCLK is NOT used

--dynamic sampling is used

Reading the user guide it seems that there is no way to set the receiver to do both oversampling AND lock to ref (page 139 - PMA_RX_CFG settings). I need this functionality since I am using a slow line rate AND my data can have LONG runs of no data transitions. The RX signals can stay idle for an indeterminate amount of time before any useful data comes across. Therefore I don't want to use a recovered clock - since there might not even be one!

I had a V4 MGT setup to do oversampling AND it locked to the reference clock. This worked fine for my protocol. Unfortunately the line rate is too low and not supported in the MGT's. Even though it worked fine for our eval board, it may or may not work on other FPGA's. We got a V5 eval board to test the GTP since they can run the line rate we need.

Perhaps I am not understanding the GTP user guide (I admit I haven't scrutinized it yet - I have just started this project) and there is no way to do what I need.

I am currently using the wizard-created instantiation/attributes and I am seeing the data recovered AFTER some number of bits (like the above post). This is analogous to losing frames of data.

I have a solution that uses 4X oversampling in the V4 fabric, but we wanted to evaluate another fallback option. Is it possible to use the V5 GTP for this protocol?

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