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Hi, I just purchased Enterpoint's Darnaw1 module. I have Xilinx parallel 3 cable not Parallel 4 cable. Is it possible to configure spartan3e with Parallel cable 3 through the parallel cable 4 header? Thanks.


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You have a direct correlation between the signals on the programming connector and the signals on the Parallel cable 3, except...

The Parallel cable 3 hooks up to the PC's parallel port directly without any power beyond that supplied by the programming interface. Since the parallel port needs TTL levels, powering the Parallel cable

3 with the 2.5V on the Darnaw1 module won't provide a reliable interface. If you connect the Parallel cable 3's VCC to a 3.3V connection instead, you should get reliable programming without concern for damage.

Personally, I've sincerely appreciated the ease of the Xilinx USB programming cable where the parallel port is powered through the USB (it's from an external supply or keyboard through-connector on the Parallel 4) and the VCC is actually a VREF of sorts, allowing a 2.5V powered programming interface as easily as a 1.8V or 5V interface.

When I had my Parallel 3 hooked up to 2.5V, my results were poor. At

3.3V, my 2.5V programming interface worked fine. I purchased the USB programming cable the next week.

- John_H

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yes, it still should work. Xilinx has officially dropped Cable III support but so far the SW still can work with cable III too


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As John and Antti have said Cable III and clones as well should work in most cases. The JTAG on Darnaw1 operates at 2.5V and with Cable III and the look-alikes can sometimes have ocassional issues when operating at this voltage. Avoid extending your cable and try and keep it away from anything electrically noisey to avoid issues. If you have a Xilinx Cable IV or the Platform USB Cable they are superior in operating on a 2.5V JTAG chain. We do have some plans to make a better low cost Cable III look-alike that will operate well down to 1.8V interfaces but at present I can't give a timescale for it's availability.

The seperate SPI head on this module voltage is set by the user wire up of the bank2 I/O voltage and is recommended to be set at 3.3V for operation of the SPI Flash. You may find this interface operates better as a result even if you do have an issue with the actual JTAG chain.

John Adair Enterpo> Hi, I just purchased Enterpoint's Darnaw1 module. I have Xilinx

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John Adair

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