Xilinx -- iMPACT -- Parallel Port [JTAG Cable] Cable connect

Hi , i am using Xilinx iMPACT (6.1.03i) to detect the JTAG-Paralle Port Cable on my DELL PC (Windows XP). But everytime it says "Cable connection failed".I have attached th error report below. If someone had a smilar problem PLZ help me in this issue, Regards


Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1) Checking cable driver Installing WinDriver.. File C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\windrvr.sys no found File C:/Xilinx/bin/nt/windrvr.sys not found Failed Service using windrvr.sys SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinDriver ImagePath = \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\windrvr.sys DisplayName = WinDriver Start = 2 ErrorControl = 1 Type=1 Cable connection failed


& even if i copy windrvr.sys to the folder in which it looks fo it , it stil fails. Apparently there is some problem with the Windrvr . I was als wondering why these files are missing on my computer ???

Anyone please help . thanks[/b

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hi -- i got it working fine now -- apparently some driver files were missing --- so i re-installe Xilinx-ise & its working fine now , regards , Reha

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I know we had some problems with Impact (I wasn't directly involved) that were resolved by updating to 6.3. I think we were using a DELL with Windows



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