Xilinx Parallel cable


Is there is cheap source or alternative to Xilinx parallel cable ?

Also is it leagal to make my own cable (from the schemetic provided by Xilinx) and sell it.

Thanks Sumit

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Sumit Gupta
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Thorsten Trenz has a spartan-II development board with download cable included for 99?. I am confident that he will sell you a seperate download cable on request, albeit it is not listed in his shop.

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Please don't. The cable has lots of flaws. Search this newsgroup about that topic. Design your own cable. With heavy schmitt triggers added. And sell that. You can use a 1$ cpld and use seperate pins for the schmitt-trigger feedback. There also is an open source usb downloadcable available somewhere on the net.


Kolja Sulimma

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Kolja Sulimma


JTAG cable , $25 USD + same day shiping (~$3) see at

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Sumit Gupta wrote:

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Does that cable support the DMA stuff in ISE 6?

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Brannon King

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