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hi everyone,

simple question... IMPACT doesn't recognize my xilinx parallel cable IV when downloading projects to the board. I have read in some articles that a power supply is necessary to power up the cable, but there is no power supply or adapter in the box where the cable came. Do I have to buy a separate adapter or is there any other way of powering the cable?? What kind of adapter do I need??

Thanks in advance.

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then you got a not complete package! as delivered there is small adapter that plugs in inbetween keyboard and PC and delivers 5V to the Cable IV you can probably find some other method to supply power


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My Parallel cable IV came with a splitter that plugs into the PC keyboard connector, and the keyboard plugs into the other split end. Hhhmm, sounds like a bad hair day ;,)


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You normally get a PS2 (keyboard/mouse) power breakout cable with these. A bit of a pain on most laptops as many don't have PS2 now. You can buy a DC plug in brick separately.

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