Spartan 2E FG456 package file

Hello Does anybody know where to find the Spartan2E FG456 package file. I need this file for creating a schematic part symbol. As an example for a package file I was able to find for virtex 2 in the link

formatting link

Please let me know.

thanks Krishna Kumar

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Krishna Kumar
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I've grabbed the information in spreadsheet form by going here:

formatting link

and comparing the device I need against itself. It's just a matter of deleting a few columns from there. There may be an easier source, but this one is handy.

- John_H

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One quick way to generate package files is to use the "partgen" utility that comes with the Xilinx tools.

For example, to generate all the package files for the XC2S200E, enter the following command in a DOS box or console window.

partgen -v 2s200e

You should see multiple *.pkg files in the current directory.

After the first line, all the fields are fixed width columns.

Steven K. Knapp
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