PCI Core implementation in Spartan 2E FG456 package

Hello I am trying to select a FPGA from the Xilinx spartan 2E family of devices to implement a PCI core. To be specific I am looking at lowest speed grade of Xilinx XC2S300E-6-FG456 . This device is not listed in the list of devices in the Xilinx 33 MHz PCILogicCore datasheet. Only the PQ208 version of the device is listed. Would it be safe to assume that the FG456 version would meet the timing of the PCI interface. Has anybody implemented a PCI core in the device that I am talking about? Please let me know. Any comments and suggestions towards device selection would also be appreciated

-Krishna Kumar DSP Systems Engineer Signalogic Inc Dallas, TX

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XC2S300E-6-FG456 supports PCI 64/33 and I don't expect any problems with PCI 32/33.

PCI 32/33 LogiCORE only includes UCF file (pin out) for supported devices. Try contacting your FAE or hotline to obtain UCF file for PCI 32/33 targeting FG456 device.

Regards Vikram

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Vikram Thank you for your response. I have been in contact with local Xilinx FAEs. They are not saying either that XC2S300E-6-FG456 device would not support PCI32/33 standard. They even provided us with the UCF file without FLOORPLANNING. Since the Spartan 2E is just a cost reduced version of the virtex E device they are not sure how the device will perform without floorplanning.What is your opinion? Please let me know.

thanks Krishna Kumar DSP Systems Engineer Signalogic Inc Dallas, TX

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As a licensed user of the Xilinx PCI core, you can go to the download lounge and access a tool called the "UCF Generator". You can use this to make a variety of UCF files.

An implementation of PCI 32/33 in any Virtex or Spartan2 device is fairly "slam dunk", even without any logic placement at all -- as long as you don't do something bizarre with the pinout.


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