i need some help ASAP !!! (DLL - Spartan-IIE)

Hi guys,

I must admit it's been a while since i have used Spartan2E; please help me with relatively simple issue, as i cannot find the answer to my question anywhere.

I am given a board, where I have XC2S400E device (FT256 package), and I have to make a design with what I have. I would like to use DLL. That is, I have an onboard oscillator of 25 MHz, which I would like to multiply by 2, and get 50 MHz (so fat, per datasheet DLL can accept a frequnecy starting from 25 MHz). FPGA device does not receive any external reset (do not ask why, I did not design the board).

Now, the question. I see that CLK2x output generates 25 MHz, not 50 MHz. Do I have to reset DLL??? It's just that before I ask to solder some wire for reset, I would like to be sure of that.

I saw in Virtex-II devices many times that there is no need for resetting DCMs, and the frequency they produce is just fine.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Vladislav Muravin
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Vladislav -

Why not create a reset signal in the chip that holds the DCM reset after configuration? The SRL16 shift register starts up after device configuration in a known state. Have it shift out areset signalfor a16 cycles at the 25MHz as the reset to the DCM. You can also use this (with a bit more logic) to reset the rest of your design.

John Providenza

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you could refer to the XAPP174 on Xilinx website. It gives some codes and those codes could be used in you design immediately.

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Sorry to bother all, i have had a stupid problem && mismatch to this xapp

174. I did it in the way i am used to do with V2.

thanks a lot


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Vladislav Muravin

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