ARM IP Core implementation in FPGA

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Hi All,

i request some of you guys who worked or having knowledge on
imlementation of ARM core with MBA bus in FPGA.Basically we are
designing two FPGAs in single card with the functionality given below.

we are are trying to implement ARM926 IP core and USB2.0 IP CORE in one
of the Virtex4 FPGA. Due some constraints we are planning to implement
some other IP CORES in an another FPGA with ARM interface to this
IPCORE via AMBA bus from the 1st FPGA.
Now the issue is that if there are any signals of AMBA bus which have
any latency issues if we connect the AMBA bus from one FPGA to Other
FPGA with some IP core(Like PCI express and ethernet MAC).

please direct us in this issue. Feel free to ask if any other
informaton is required from my side.



Re: ARM IP Core implementation in FPGA
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Hi there,

In this configuration you may find that you can only
run the AHB in quite low clock frequency.  AHB design
require signals to be propagate within 1 cycle.
If you connect the AHB across two FPGAs without breaking
up the signal delay, your AHB propagation path can be
very long
CPU Bus interface <-> FPGA #1 bus matrix <-> pad <->
   circuit board delay <-> pad <-> FPGA #2 bus matrix <->
     AHB slaves on FPGA #2

If your company has the ARM Amba Development Kit (ADK),
there should be a Synchronous 32-bit AHB-AHB bridge (1:1).
That can be used to break up the delays into multiple paths.

Path 1:CPU Bus interface <-> FPGA #1 bus matrix <-> Ahb2Ahb,
Path 2:Ahb2Ahb <-> pad <-> circuit board delay <-> pad <-> Ahb2Ahb,
Path 3:Ahb2Ahb <-> FPGA #2 bus matrix <-> AHB slaves on FPGA #2


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