... failed to route using a CLK template

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when using Xilinx par 7.1.03i and implementing some logic on a Xilinx
XC31000, I get a warning regarding the routing of my main clock that I
don't understand. Could someone give an explaination as well as a way
to avoid it?

    WARNING:Route - CLK Net:s_clk_120MHz
    may have excessive skew because 5858 CLK pins
    failed to route using a CLK template.

Many thanks, Eric.

Re: ... failed to route using a CLK template

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Somehow the software has decided that either

 * your clock net does not fit on a global net (have you used all of
those up)
 * cannot use the CLK routing methods it has built-in for doing
low-skew without using global resources.  One way of getting this is
to apply USE_LOWSKEWLINES or MAXSKEW= constraints to a net.  If the SW
can figure it's a clock, it's better off left to it's own devices.

Either of those ideas help?


TRW Conekt, Solihull, UK
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