Example using a custom OPB slave core with and interrupt


I have been exploring the microblaze for about 2 weeks now and have gotten to the point where I have created a simple OPB slave device that consists of 4 32-bit registers that contain hard coded values and a pushbutton input that generates an interrupt. There is only one single interrupt so I have connected it directly to the Mblaze without the use of an OPB Intc at this point.

The peripherial is designe around the opb_core_ssp1 example that is included with the EDK. I can read the registers fine. My problem lies with the interrupt. When I first set out I addes the int_handler parameter to the MSS file for my core, but of course I had no driver and was using the generic. I used the IPIF sw driver and created the MDD and some sort of a TCL file. I wrote the interrupt handler to change the value being sent out the UART.

When I press my pushbutton to generate the interrupt the execution stops. I am not sure if the processor is getting lost in the interrupt vector table or if the interrupt is locked on so that I am never able to get out of the ISR........

I am stumped and looking desparately for some help. If anyone has done something similar and would be willing to share their knowledge I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks, Jeremy

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