fit_timer: trouble connecting interrupt

In my application, I was trying to switch from using an opb_timer to a fit_timer to save on resources, but seem to be having some trouble correctly connecting the interrupt. I wire the interrupt from the fit_timer to my microblaze interrupt port just fine, but I do not get an entry for it in my Software Platform Settings list like I normally do. I noticed that the fit_timer is not automatically associated with a driver like the opb_timer is, so I made an attempt to modify the .mdd for the opb_timer driver to match my fit_timer and then hand edit the .mss file to reflect it, but I still don't see the entry on the Interrupt Handlers page and my device does not work. I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious, but I don't see it. Any ideas?

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Carter De Leo
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Don't connect the fit_timer or ordinary timer to MicroBlaze, connect them to the interrupt controller instead.


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Göran Bilski

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