EDK 6.1

I'm trying to integrate a custom IP peripheral in MicroBlaze based system. I am facing a problem. I've added the custom peripheral in my design using import peripheral wizard. But i am not able to associate an interrupt handler for it. The following error is appearing.

ERROR:MDT - Y:\Sum-term-proj\Test\try6\ctr.mss_temp:50 - interrupt_handler is not a configurable parameter for driver generic

I've tried to change mdd file of driver generic.

Could someone tell me how i can add any dummy driver other than generic?(The GUI by default shows generic or as the drivers)

Adding the following line in mdd file of driver generic does not help. PARAMETER int_handler = ctr_int_handler, int_port = ovrfl

Neither do the following: PARAM name = int_handler, default = ctr_int_handler, desc = "Name of Interrupt Handler", type = string; PARAM name = int_port, default = ovrfl, desc = "Interrupt pin associated with the interrupt handler", permit = none;

Thanks, Pankaj Sharma.

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Pankaj Sharma
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