Difficulty with OPB bus and user IP

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Using the Memec MB1000 eval board with the Virtex-2 on it, I tried one
of the Memec projects "Lab06_Own_Periph_VirtexII1000".  Building this
under the EDK 3.2 works fine on eval board.  But, if I change line 163
of the file "opb_pwm_core.vhd" which reads:

 SIn_DBus(I) <= '0';


 SIn_DBus(I) <= '1';

which just changes the default output of the user IP, the system just
hangs after downloading the bitstream to the eval board.  Any ideas?
Could there be some kind of contention within the OPB bus?  I assume
that contentions are generally caught by the synthesis tools.  If I
inspect the automatically generated vhdl, it seems that the bus
interfaces are generated correctly for the various peripherals tied to
the OPB bus.  So, I'm at a loss as to why this is happening!


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