Compiling library problem in Xilinx ISE4.0?

I have read the solution #2561 about how to compile librarie for modelsim. I download the tcl script file, but I don't know how to use it. Can anybody tell me?Thanks

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Read the readme.txt file that comes with the script!


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Jim Wu

Thank Jim Wu first.

I am not a system administrator. The system administrator for our system is not nice. So before I ask her, I want to make sure everything and I only want to talk with her once (not many times):-(

The readme.txt is as follows,

This zip file contains the design files for the ISE 4 Indepth tutorial.


Installation instructions

-------------------------- Unzip the file into the $XILINX install directory. Documentation

------------- Refer to the ISE 4 indepth tutorial available at:

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Just unzip it?That is enough? Do I need to do specific things to compile the library?Or this tcl file can compile the library online when ModelSim is started?

So far, only verilog files are on the library directory of Xilinx of our system. ModelSim required "_info" file and some directories for these verilog files. Is everything is done by that TCL file automatically or I should compile it first?Thank a lot.

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Just downloaded the zip file from solution 2561 from:

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And the readme.txt is as followed:


Tcl script to install and compile Xilinx 3.x/4.x HDL (Verilog/VHDL) libraries using Modelsim 5.4x/5.5x SE/PE simulators

NOTE: Tested with 5.5c SE

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installation:


Use the "source" command from the ModelSim prompt to load that Tcl/Tk code. At the Modelsim prompt, type MODELSIM> source /xilinx_lib.tcl


Set the enviroment variable MODELSIM_TCL to the name of the script prior to invoking ModelSim. [Note: MODELSIM_TCL can be a ":" separated list of Tcl/Tk files to load].

MODELSIM_TCL /xilinx_lib.tcl

Where is the pathname for the directory to where the script was saved.


Not to be used with MXE. The HDL libraries come precompiled for MXE.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ USE: The "Xilinx Libraries Aid" window will pop up. Enter the following information:

- Select the language whose libraries need to be compiled.

- Select the version of the Xilinx software installed on the computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An incorrect selection of "Xilinx Software Version" will lead to errors during the installation of the libraries.

- Select which libraries need to be compiled.

- Enter the "Install Path" where the compiled libraries will be saved.

- Enter the path to the Xilinx software on the machine. (eg. C:\fndtn or D:\xilinx)

- Once all the information has been entered, press the "Compile" button to compile the desired libraries.

DISCLAIMER: This is a tactical script created for the sole purpose of easing the compilation of Xilinx libraries for Modelsim.

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