Accessing ModelSim Environment variables in Verilog code


I would like to access environment variables defined in ModelSim (6.0d) in my Verilog code so that I can use them with the `ifdef construct. For instance, ModelSim allows you to access the "MODEL_TECH" environment variable, which is useful for employing `ifdef's on code you want that you want to be compiled for simulation, but ignored for hardware synthesis.

In a similar vein, I tried creating and setting my own environment variable using "setenv MY_VARIABLE 1" in my .do compile tcl script right before the script compiles my modules. Unfortunately, the Verilog code is not able to access this env variable. I'm avoiding using an include file, but if there is not way around this, then that's what I'll have to do.



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Nju Njoroge
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From the modelsim TCL prompt you can get at underlying OS commands using the tcl _exec_ command. For example, if I have env and grep on my machine, I can do things like:

VSIM 17> exec env | grep RSH # CVS_RSH=ssh

VSIM 18> exec env | grep MODEL # MODELSIM_TCL=/evtfs/home/tres/tcl/modelsim.tcl # MODELTECH=/flip/usr1/modeltech # MODEL_TECH=/flip/usr1/modeltech/linux # MODEL_TECH_TCL=/flip/usr1/modeltech/linux/../tcl # MODELSIM=modelsim.ini

But the only interface common to HDL and TCL is a file.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

The thing is that MODEL_TECH isn't an environment variable, it's a Verilog macro that Modelsim automatically defines for you. It's the same as if you did `define FOO in your code or +define+FOO on the vlog command line.

Your choices are to pass your settings on the vlog command line (+define+MY_VARIABLE=1) or write them to a file (`define MY_VARIABLE 1) that gets compiled in with your testbench.


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Chris Briggs

The vlog option is exactly what I was looking for. My Verilog code is shared with other EDK projects (as part of an EDK pcore), but the do script that I use is specific to each EDK project.

I just tried your suggestion and it works. This is what I had to add in my .do script (for those who interesting in getting the syntax right):

# Snippet of my do script do # Invoke EDK generated do script first vlog -incr -work my_pcore path_to_verilog_file +define+MY_VARIABLE=1 . . .

Now, I can de-couple the project specific settings from the shared Verilog code. Another way I could have done this was to set it as a parameter that is visible on the top-level MHS file of the EDK project. However, if I change the variable, I'd have to re-generate the simulation models in EDK, which takes more time. Commenting out the above vlog line the .do script is much faster.

Thanks again for both of your assistance.


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