Altera_VHDL_support library into Modelsim?

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To all,

     I had compiled my SOPC design with my master peripheral + sdram
controller + my own slave peripheral (address generator) and when I
imported the VHDL file into a new Modelsim project and tried to compile
only this, there was a library file missing that the SOPC VHDL file
declares (i.e. Altera_VHDL_Support).  The error produced is: library
"altera_vhdl_support" is not present.   I searched for this, and it
seems that SOPC places a package VHDL file within the directory the
SOPC design was compiled in while using Quartus.    However, in
Modelsim when I tried to include this VHDL file in the Modelsim project
and compile it into the default "work" library, the SOPC design
still can not locate this library and still produces an error in
compilation.  Can anyone tell me where to locate this particular
library so that I can try to compile it properly?    I would really
appreciate it.


Re: Altera_VHDL_support library into Modelsim?
Just in case, I have done the following to confirm that Modelsim
guarantee's does not find the library file:

1) I inserted the altera_support_vhdl.vhd file into my Modelsim project
2) I compiled the .vhd file which created what I believe to be the
library itself into the default "work" library for my project.

3) Recompiling the SOPC.vhd file produced the same error and it says
that it still doesn't find that library.

Re: Altera_VHDL_support library into Modelsim?
To all,

    I did a bit of poking around in Modelsim, and I figured it out.
Just so you know what I did to figure this out, here's the steps:

1) I copied the altera_vhdl_support.vhd file into my Modelsim directory
2) I clicked on the library tab
3) I right-clicked and selected New Library, and created a new library
called: "altera_vhdl_support"
4) In the project window I added the VHDL file for the
altera_vhdl_support and right-clicked this file, to go to the compile
properties, where I forced the compiled library into the
"altera_vhdl_support" instead of the default work directory.

Once I did this, and re-compiled the SOPC builder VHDL file, it
compiled.   I haven't tested it yet, but at least it compiled.


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