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I want to simulate a FMF VHDL SRAM model. In the model itself there is the following declarations: LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE IEEE.VITAL_timing.ALL; USE IEEE.VITAL_primitives.ALL; LIBRARY FMF; USE FMF.gen_utils.ALL; USE FMF.conversions.ALL;

When I try to compile the model with Modelsim I get the following error message: # ** Error: (vcom-19) Failed to access library 'fmf' at "fmf".

What can I do about that? Where exactly can I get the library on the FMF site and how do I have to include it in Modelsim?


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The two FMF packages you need are at

formatting link

Someone in comp.lang.vhdl replied with how to attach these.

-- Pete



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Peter Sommerfeld

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