DSE dumbing down - ok, so it's old news, but *really*!!!

Some of their 'sales staff' know how to listen; I was waiting the local dse while the salesman tried to show someone how to get the back off her Nokia, when I saw she (the sales rep) didn't know and helped out, everyone benefited. OTOH I had to go back to the ever diminishing racks of components and get their part number for the diodes I was buying. Should have just told her they were 2c resistors.

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Robert Murphy
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LOL....... You could have saved some dosh.........

On a funny note

They had a rather lovely and rather tall sales rep in their Myer Centre store and must have been a bet or something but 2 or 3 guys in a row trying to get her number......

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I'd like to have been there to see that....

Has anyone else seen a dicksmiths ad recently where they were saying that all their staff was bright and knowledgeable? I've only noticed it in the last couple of days.

Wing Wong.
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Wing Wong

Yes, fell of the chair laughing the first time I saw it.. Might have been true many years ago when Dick himself owned DSE or even in the few years after that, but slowly the knowledgeable have been replaced by the typical Woolies plebs you expect to see for such wages..

As one DSE employee said when I commented about their lack of knowledge about their own products "what do you expect, we work for Woolies"...

Still, gives some of us more sarcastic buggers hours of entertainment watching staff run back and forth from catalogue to Manager back to catalogue and down to customer trying to answer questions!!!!

PS And yes, before anyone asks, I HAVE worked in that industry, many years ago when you were hired because you actually knew what you were talking about rather than how much they had to pay you...

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