really old LCD panel

i been wanting to make a pc for my car.. i was happy to see that there was an external controller available for LCD panels. it connects to the pc by VGA cable however the support list for panels is limited. i jumped on an old IBM pentium class laptop in hopes of using the ten inch LCD panel in the car.

ThinkPad 365XD DSTN (Trident tgui 9320 lcd chipset)

pretty sure this is it.. has a 10 inch LCD. i am unfamiliar with the term "DSTN"

but i assume it means "old PIA technology nobody wanted so theres like no support for it at all in the modern world" ...loosely translated of course.

anyways was wondering if anyone here can identify this display as being compatible with anything on these part lists such that i can ask for a controller that might probably work and not get me shut down by this provider

ebay items

270760206501 280675427179

or perhaps these are not the only models i should look at.

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I have left out some important info.. the numbers on the panel.. the provider for the controllers cannot use any of them only asked for another. i can provide photos but i think my info is pretty much correctly noted from the panel back.


IBM 365xd 10.4" panel

decal 0 : REMOVED pasted over decal 1

11S46H8108Z1MDPA235F10FRU74H0261 706

decal 1:

1MDPA801780 or LMDPA801780 ? damaged decal located top front metal frame p/n 46H8108 EC E59557 S/N 801730

----------- decal 2 located rear white plastic panel back - largest decal

pn 39H2064 ec E16245 dn D0220198


decal 3 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board N500208

decal 4 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board N500208B

decal 5 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board E16245 80200137


Silkscreen number 1 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board F8534 IF

Silkscreen number 2 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board


Silkscreen number 3 -located on panel triangle shape circuit board PWBNO, N5006194


misc. other info form ebay etc

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You are bidding on IBM ThinkPad 365 LCD Screen 10.4" 46H8121


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why not get a panel mount computer? It comes with touch screen and the works!


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not sure what you mean by panel mount computer but the answer is that i'm low budget and would also like to repurpose the older laptop. dont want to buy more of what i already have. dont want pricey self contained hardware that will work nicely for the guy that breaks my glass and steals it. much rather have something ghetto, non-resellable, undesireable and tacky, also confusing with Mcguyver-ish break points that will render it useless to the un-intended new owner- thief.

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