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One of my clients finds he is no longer competitive with his competitors who
are assembling their PCBs in China.  He feels that he needs to similarly get
his boards assembled in China, or somewhere where prices are similarly low.
He manufactures some thousands of a number of consumer products per year.
The products are generally not terribly hi-tech, mostly SMD with some
through hole connectors.  In the first instance, my client would expect to
supply kitted components & PCBs.

Just wondering if anyone on here has experience with some cheap, reliable
overseas PCB assembly house with automated SMD manufacture, and is willing
to share contact details.


Re: PCB Assembly Overseas

http://globalsources.com may be a good start


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Re: PCB Assembly Overseas

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You might also try posting this question on sci.electronics.design
quite a few people there have contacts with China, etc.

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Re: PCB Assembly Overseas

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I work in electronics contract manufacturing and we have taken a few
products offshore for assembly in the past. If you want to supply component
kits expect there to be delays and shortages, no matter how many extra parts
you supply. On the other hand if the assembler supplies components and PCB's
the product will be significantly cheaper but you also have the flipside of
not knowing what quality or brands of components go into it.

Yes Asia can be cheaper but they can also be slower to respond, and you may
have to visit quite a few assemblers in person to develop a relationship
and/or go through the product to be assembled. We have taken the attitude
that if one of our customers takes their products offshore, good luck to
them. We tend to focus on quick turn around, medium volume with the service
to follow, something that Asian assemblers are starting to catch up on.


Re: PCB Assembly Overseas


We build our stuff in China and Indonesia. The problem is quantity.

We use Solectron.


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