Repair/Exchange Panasonic TNPH0371 D-board (PT-47WX49E HDTV)

I am looking for someone in the US who works in TV repair and can repair a Panasonic TNPH0371 D-board (video) for a PT-47WX49E HDTV. The TV has audio but no video and has already been troubleshot to the board level. If you can do the work please quote price by email to bd5 at bd5 dot com. Quotes with references that I can check will get looked at a lot faster.

Or, if you have a known good TNPH0371 and would like to sell it to me with a core credit/exchange, let me know too. It has to the exact p/n, cannot be a TNPH0371S or anything else.

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flybd5 wrote:

Troubleshooting just the board without the TV is a difficult task, even with schematics. Normally the whole TV is worked on so the board will have all the associated circuits connected, will have all the proper voltages and signals going into and out of it, and the repaired board can then be tested in the TV to make sure some problem hasn't been overlooked, and to make sure that a problem on another board didn't cause the problems on your board. For example, if you gave me a power supply board to repair, I could probably repair it, but when you put it back in your TV it might blow up because a short on another board caused it to fail. Then you'd come back to me and say I didn't repair it right. To repair and test a board without the TV would require very expensive and complicated test-jigs to simulate the rest of the TV so all operations of the board can be checked. Why did the person who troubleshot the board not repair the TV for you? Also, it is impossible to quote a price by email without physically testing your TV to find out what is wrong. Your board and/or TV may need a ten cent resistor, a fifty-cent capacitor, or a $100 Integrated Circuit, or a $300 CRT. (Sorry, I don't know if your TV uses CRTs, DLPs, or LCD's) As far as labor is concerned, it can take an hour to track down and replace a bad component, or it can take five hours to track down a problem such as "no video" and find out which components are faulty.

I think there was a company here in the USA called PTS that did module exchanges, but I don't know if they handle that board or even if they still exist. Look 'em up.

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Correction, I picked up the service manual for this item, the board I need is a TNPH0371S. If anyone has one of those or can repair it (because you have a bench setup or another PT-47WX49E or PT-47WX51E or CE), let me know.

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