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Hello Want to purchase a 3 or 4 port composite video switching device, not a big ticket thing but they must make some that are better than others , manual would be fine , looked at GE , RCA , and a few odd brands , need to steer TV in different directions for DVD , VCR , TIVO etc. , any info. would be appreciated. Thanks Phil

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Phil: Switching composite video??? .... this is not rocket science and not a technical big deal because they are "passive devices" without any electronic signal processing.. Go to Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. They all have A/V switches for sale.

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Or, you can buy -- or make your own -- not-so-passive version. I've seen IC-switched, IR-remote models as well. They are, naturally, a bit more costly, but they do eliminate the potential of dirty mechanical switch contacts, which, believe me, are hugely aggravating in these devices, especially when you're pressed for time and can't be bothered to open it up and spray 'em clean.

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Ray L. Volts

Check eBay for "3M" and/or "Bridging Video Switcher". There's none right now but these 10 x 1 video/mono-audio switchers are fairly common there.

"Workhorse" switcher from yesteryear.

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I've got a small four input switcher that I got from Wal-mart that does a good job. Active with s-video as well as rca inputs and the fourth input is on the front of the box. And it's all stereo of course. Cost about 17.95

  • tax. Recoton I believe. My only regret is it's a manual. Would love to have one with a remote control.
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