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Hy! I'm looking for a Unix-like o.s. (as linux) for low resources PC
X86 with the following features:

1. max 386 processor
2. max 4 MB of RAM (preferred 1 MB of RAM).
3. for real-time application
4. Ethernet support for TCP/IP, telnet and webserver
5. freeware and open-source

I found out ttylinux as QNX demo disk but I'd rather prefer smaller
Do u have further informations about it? Have u got some links?

Thanks in advance for ur replies.

Re: Unix low resources
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snipped-for-privacy@tiscali.it wrote:
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Minix will run happily on your platform, even with 1MB. I don't think it has
hard real-time capabilities, but it could well be Good Enough(tm) --- I
don't know what you want it for. It meets nearly all your other
requirements; it doesn't come with a web server out of the box, but it's
easy to get one.

As a bonus, it's also BSD licensed.

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Re: Unix low resources
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1MB RAM won't be enough for run any linux.
BTW you forgot to say Disk size.

P.S. Please do not cross post

Good luck

Re: Unix low resources

[follow-up set to comp.os.linux.hardware]


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Why not? It is better than multi-posting. The OP's main
problem was that s/he didn't set a follow-up.

Re: Unix low resources
I forgot to add a further constraints:
The OS must boot from one or (max) two 1.44 floppies, as the LiveCD of

Thanks for your replies and your suggestions

Re: Unix low resources
snipped-for-privacy@tiscali.it wrote in comp.os.linux.hardware:

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Google on "Linux on a floppy", with the quotes.

Peter D.
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Re: Unix low resources
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LOAF requires a 386SX CPU (minimum), 4-8 megabytes of DRAM, and a floppy
so does not suits him.

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