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Hi Guys,

I am currently a web developer; however, I want to learn UNIX system and Solaris. I also want to be a UNIX system admin. If you have any learning materials or books, please share. I would highly appreciate that.

Also, do you know any website that allow me to take an online practice UNIX tests, system admin tests?


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Nick Carter
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On Mon, 29 Nov 2010 18:44:27 -0800, Nick Carter rearranged some electrons to say:

I don't think you're going to learn to be a Unix sysadmin by reading some message posts on Usenet. Go to a bookstore and look in the computer section, there's any number of books about Unix.

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Am 30.11.2010 03:44, schrieb Nick Carter:

Just install any Linux on your PC and start learning. It is much easier than you think.

But better don't start with *embedded* Linux, which is OnT here.


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Falk Willberg

With a "Live Linux" CD/DVD/USB-drive, there's no need to even INSTALL it, just run directly from the medium without any install. Totally risk-free, no disk space required.

Once satisfied, you may want to install it to a hard drive pratition for more features such as saving your work, a swap file to run more processes, etc.

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Jeff Jonas

There is a certification program for Linux admins managed by Linux Professional Institute. I won't pay for their certification, but I have found the resources needed for exam preparation useful. Have a look on their site.

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That's a wonderful idea!

I'm still soured by my experience trying for the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam. I didn't have the $2,000 for the 4 day crash course, so I bought a study guide book that did NOT cover all the material required :-( Still, I learned a lot that that's useful. So I concur: study for the exam but don't waste your money for a certificate that only expires anyway.

Do what the college students here do: buy some coffee and read all the books for free at the local Buns & Noodles :-)

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Jeff Jonas

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