Apology: Unix, 2.11BSD Thread

I felt I could save a lot of trouble and shorten this thread a little.

I do apologize for upsetting users in comp.arch.embedded and perhaps my main mistake, was to cross-post there.

I have launched, hosted, sponsored, and moderated many electronics and micro user groups, and been a pioneering member, and financial sponsor of many others, as many readers will know.

But this doesn't give me the right to post whatever I want, wherever I want.

When these groups started in the early 90s, I could post any new product news I had, and readers would lap it up and thank me for it.

Today, yes, you have to disguise any product news as an industry news release. Call it cloaked spam, or whatever you like, but there is no other way of getting product news, into a news group today.

I thought I had 3 really newsworthy items:

1) World's first Arduino Computer. ================================= I wanted to run this past a news group and see if there was actually someone or something, that beat me to it. I figure the Italians will jump up and down every time someone mentions Arduino, and doesn't have a link to them, but if no one else complains, then job done.

2) TRS-80 Level II on a PIC32. ===================== This also means that any Z80 system can be emulated. Throw your ROM image at the emulator, and any app can be up and running on an $8 PIC32 micro. Sure, you still have to write drivers to suit the modern environment (I/O), but you are at least halfway there.

3) Unix on a PIC32 ================== I think I pretty much covered this in a previous message.

And all of this above is Open Source Hardware and Software, so you can roll your own.

Yes, I am tied up in the excitement of the whole PIC32 movement, and I'm sorry if I presented it all as a self promotion platform.

My only alternative is to keep my mouth shut, which may well be my future direction.

Cheers Don...


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Don McKenzie
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As far as I can tell, you upset *1* person who is so over sensitive that they are probably upset by the gravitational pull of the moon.

I liked the post. I for one would find your silence a great loss.

David Eather

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David Eather

... and who posts anonymously, with this being his first appearance on c.a.e. Feh, just killfile him and go on.


Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

You have as much "right" to speak here as any of us do (speaking for c.a.e; apologies to aus.e as that's off my beaten trail)

*This* I object to -- where the *obvious* goal is "promotion".

Agreed. See below

I think your "mistake" (?) may have been *NOT* including descriptions like these in your original posts. I.e.,

"Maximite Computer now running Unix, 2.11BSD

now has: pForth compiler Xitami webserver"

in an (admirable, though mistaken?) effort to be terse, makes the post *feel* more like an ad: "For more information, call XXX-XXXX"

OTOH, wrapping some more words around it -- perhaps *qualifying* the "headline" (e.g., "yeah, there's no VM in a UN*X that old...") so folks interested don't waste time chasing down a link only to discover this sort of "detail".

Like a "World's First 8x300 Network Stack!!"... and the fine print clarifies that it's just a piece of code that responds to pings and nothing else, etc.

In this way, it helps give others an idea of what to expect on the other end of the link (instead of just the "teaser"). And, invites discussion as to what problems might have been true challenges to the implementor ("The XYZ8000 has no support for a pushdown stack!")

Silencing any speech is rarely a good thing. Folks can always opt NOT to read your post -- in which case, it costs them nothing.

OTOH, the "Looking for a WATFIV developer for short term contract in East Nowhere" posts could surely find more appropriate environs!

All in all, your apology is gracious but, IMO, unnecessary. I, for one, enjoy the tidbits that trickle into this newsgroup as I have little time to rummage around *hoping* to stumble on things that I might be interested in. The fact that you may have an "interest" (financial or otherwise) in the topic is immaterial (we all have "interests" in the problems/questions we pose... does that make *them* inappropriate?)

Rock on,


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Don Y

The only mistake you made was taking notice of a non contributing troll plonk it and keep contributing

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Yep right on. You do have the right to paste stuff you think may be on interest, with just the usual disclaimers of not promoting riots etc

forget the critic and keep on keepin on Don


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Don, I recall a little gem from Ita Buttrose - "the best revenge is to keep on going".

I for one was fascinated by the information in your posting. Add me to the long list of poeople that appreciate your good efforts ot keep us informed on interesting things that are coming along.

Best regards.

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Bruce Varley

I agree with this. Your (Don McKenzie) posts are useful, and are part of the service you provide for electronics engineers and hobbiests - you tell us all about new products and ideas. But sometimes your posts are too much just a short statement and a web link - I for one would prefer to see a little more information in the post itself rather than having to look at an external link to figure out what you are talking about.

But you don't have to be as verbose as Don Y :-)

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David Brown

While you're going 100% ad hominem, I you believe you could at least have made a token effort at getting your facts straight.

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Let me apologize for the tone of my earlier reply at this point. I do stand by the message, but the wording was, admittedly, a little too hot-headed.

As long-time USENET citizens, I guess we both should have known better.

The issue I had with that sequence of posts was that you did not, in fact, post the news here. You just posted pointers to the news (and to your commercial homepage), with basically no explanation of what the actual story even was, apparently so as to make sure people clicked those links to find out.

That put those posts in exactly the same category as those bloody blogspot spammers. And on top of that, unlike most of those people, you seemed to be forming a pattern of doing that every single day. That was a pattern I thought needed snipped in the bud.

And all of that was impossible to learn just by looking at your original posts.

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While you're going 100% ad hominem, I believe you could at least have made a token effort at getting your facts straight.

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Actually, that comment (and, I believe, also the one that I quoted) was in reference to "Jeßus ."

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb


Don't overreact now, will you?

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8 As far as I can tell, you upset *1* person who is so over sensitive that

Hear Hear. Fear not Don.

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Agreed, keep it up Don. When the group got a quiet a few months back I saw your posts as you maling an effort to promote activity - a good thing.

I've never seen any contribution positive or otherwise from our drop in critic Hans-Knobhard Bender.

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You are a bad evil man, Don :)

You need rights to post on Usenet? Are you loco, seh? :)

I tort it was cool as I had never heard of such animals - so newsworthy to me.

Always wanted to find out what PICs could do - so newsworthy to me.

Heard of Unix on many processors but never heard of such an animal - so newsworthy to me.

Yes, yes, yes, we have already said you are a bad evil man. OK OK OK, you want more? Right, if there was a hell, you'd burn there as well. Feel better? :)

Oooyyy, steady on there, old chap. No need to be rash like that. :)

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Geoff Lock

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