Linux embedded PC104

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Is there any where one can download or buy Linux to fit on 16mg flash disk
for a 40 mhz pc104.

Thanks Clay

Re: Linux embedded PC104
Take a look at /



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Re: Linux embedded PC104
I think that is better (and more updated) this list
or this

Re: Linux embedded PC104

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You'd be better off just downloading the kernel source and build your
own. I say this because any pre-packaged system will have kilo-bytes of
code you'll never need or use, and won't have stuff that you may want
e.g. i2c support. Also do a google search for 'Busybox' and 'Tinylogin'.
While you're at it investigate using uClibc.

Take heart, it can be done. My system runs from an 8Mb flash and there's
over 4Mb free.

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