PC104/Linux platform questions

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Hi all out there,

I want to start experimenting with the PC140 platform but I need some info
The disk on chip system:
        - Can I use it as a regular disk, meaning like on a "normal" PC, 
          startup with a cdrom, format it an write data to it? And this without
          extra HW (Like a FLASH-Programmer)?
        - Can I use my own (...ok the binaries/sources I get from the net) 
          Linux(When it is small enough)
In Linux:
        - Is it enough to mount the filesystem read-only w/o having problems
          when I power-off the system w/o a proper shut down?

        - Any Idea about prices?
                - Just a starters kit
                        - But needs a possibility to connect a 
                          And maybe a PCI-device.

Thank you for reading this article.

Re: PC104/Linux platform questions

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if it's got a network port you can go completely diskless.  as for price,  
you can get some rather cheap, some so expensive that you'd curse, all  
with similar capabilities.  try  
http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT2614444132.html for some basic info,  
and look at their articles to find some manufacturers.  me, i'd go to  
versalogic for high feature stuff, tern for bare basics.

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Re: PC104/Linux platform questions
Thank you for your response!

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