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Hello All,

We are going to develop an IP-STB product based on embedded
Linux/uClinux. The GUI subsystem will be part of middleware which
including low layer graph engine, window environment, web browser
(supports HTML4, Javascript), etc. I am evaluating various embedded GUI
system on Linux, looks like there are only two choices can fit our

1. Microwindow (Neno-X).
Microwindow is still in developing? Is there a good web browser running
on that?

2. MiniGUI
It seems that the latest version of MiniGUI is not open sourced

Is there any other alternative? or Microwindow and MiniGUI which one is

Thanks for your input.

Re: Embedded Linux GUI
Marco Wang ha scritto:
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the choice depends greatly on the available resources, please describe
us your system :-)
BTW if you have a lot of resources you can use wxWidgets
(www.wxwidgets.org) and if you have low resources I suggest you Nano-X

Marco Cavallini
Koan s.a.s. - Bergamo - Italia
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Re: Embedded Linux GUI
Thanks for your reply, Marco. I know you did a lot of contribution on
wxWidgets embedded project. Appreciate.

But I think wxWidgets is in upper level of Nano-X, it always relies on
underlying graphic engine, right?

What I care is if Nano-X/MiniGUI is mature and keeps improving. We
can't afford using a dead technology.

Marco Wang

Marco Cavallini wrote:
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Re: Embedded Linux GUI
Hi Macro,
I think you can surf www.ezhometech.com that is an embedded middleware
company and also provide web browser.

Marco Wang wrote:
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Re: Embedded Linux GUI
Hi Marco,

Our company makes a X-Windows compatible GUI.
Check out http://www.microxwin.com .
There is demo for Fedora 4. You can run firefox etc.


Marco Wang wrote:
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Re: Embedded Linux GUI
No idea about that web browser thing, however the Enlightenment
Foundation Libraries are pretty good for stylish UIs. It contains a

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