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Just recently purchased A PC104 board with ethernet lan,
Is there any software around or aplications where I can load the software
onto a 16mb disk on chip, I know that Iam using limited memory, but I have
read and seen at exibitions where they have pc104 boards connected to a
desktop with windows 98 running and able to read or communicate with the
pc104 board using a lan connection.

There is dos installed on the pc104 disk on chip, basically what Iam trying
to do is comunicate between dos and windows 98 through tcp/ip.
Using windows 98 lan, just being able to pick up the pc104.

Thanks Craig

Re: PC104
Hi Craig

Depending on the requirement to your software you have to select

By the way: you posted your message in the linux embedded group... why
not build a system with embedded linux and an embedded Webserver? If
you use BusyBox and the thttpd- Server, the 16MB will be more than
enough. Buy a book with an example CD...


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